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Twilight of the Idols, How one Philosophizes with a Hammer, No. 3

Immediately after completion of the above-named work and without losing another day, I applied myself to the task of Re-Evaluation, in a sovereign feeling of pride that can not be matched, every moment aware of my immortality and, symbol for symbol, engraving it into stone tablets with the certainty of fate. The preface was written on September 3, 1888: when I stepped outside on that morning after having written it, I was confronted by the most beautiful day that had every presented itself to me in the Upper Engadin translucent, glowing in all colors and in all contrasts, encompassing all transient stages between ice and southern hemisphere. Only as late as on September 20th, I left Sils Maria, having been held back by floods, remaining in the end as the only guest in this woundrous place that my gratitude wants to leave behind the gift of an immortal name. After a wearisome journey with many obstacles, even that of danger to life and limb in a flooded Como that I reached late at night, I arrived in Turin in the afternoon of the 21st, in my proven residence, where I shall stay from now on. I took up the same lodgings again that I had had in spring, via Carlo Alberto 6, III, across from the impressive palazzo Carginana in which Vittorio Emanuele was born, with a view at the piazza Carlo Alberto and beyond it into the rolling hills. Without hesitation and without letting myself be distracted, I went back to work: only one fourth of the work remained to be completed. Great victory on September 30th; seventh day: leisure of a God, strolling along the banks of the Po river. On the same day I still wrote the Preface to the "Twilights of the Idols", the correction of the printing sheets of which had been my leisure activity in September. Never have I experienced such a fall and also never held anything like this possible on earth a Claude Lorrain, imagined to last for eternity, every day of the same, incredible perfection...

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Friedrich Nietzsches letzte Tage in Turin / By HARTMUT LANGE

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